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Canadian Immigration


The Canadian government has recently celebrated the anniversary of its innovative program related to gaining global talent.
The program was launched for the first time in July 2017 as a 24-month pilot project connected to the Canadian program for qualified foreign workers. Ultimately, it aims to improve the access of Canadian employers to highly qualified professionals from abroad.

Three new positions joined the list of wanted jobs: engineering managers, heads of architecture and science managers, as well as mathematicians and statisticians.
At the same time, the position of electrical and electronic technicians and technologists has been removed from the list of wanted professions due to the currently changing situation on the labour market.
At the moment, the list of sought-after occupations has 13 items for Canadian Immigration.

Canadian Immigration

In addition, the government has revised the requirements for technical, creative and artistic managers, for project managers involved in visual effects and computer games, as well as for digital platform designers, to better meet the current requirements of employers and the labour market.
The changes also include a reduction in the requirement to work for five to three years.

The Glare talent program provides Canadian employers with two categories:

Category A: for fast-growing companies that can demonstrate the need for highly qualified international staff, and which have been referred to the program by one of the accredited partners.

Category B: for employers who are looking for highly qualified employees for one of the positions available from the special list of professions for which there are not enough employees in the domestic labour market.

One of the benefits of the program is a very fast application processing period – up to 10 business days.
If you are interested in this program or have an employer looking for foreign employees for specialized positions, please contact our office. We will analyze your situation and help you deal with the process from the formal side.

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