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The Immigration Office has just announced new periods for examining some of the immigration applications. The change consists in forecasting the future process time and not relying on statistical data from the past. The introduction of new orientation dates will apply to applications submitted from July 31, 2018. In the press release of 09 August 2018, it was announced that the new processing periods will apply to the following applications for permanent residence:

• sponsoring parents and grandparents – 20 to 24 months,

• Provincial Nominations (outside the Express Entry system) – 15 to 19 months,

• Skilled Workers in Quebec – 15 to 17 months,

• Applications related to starting a business in Canada – 12 to 16 months,

• Humanitarian applications – 22 to 36 months.

The expected time of considering the above applications applies to standard applications (without any complications or inaccuracies). The Immigration Office has announced monthly updates of these periods to reflect real time as accurately as possible. So what is the change and what does this mean for the person submitting the application?

Earlier, before the introduced change, the Immigration Office relied on statistical data from the past, ie it took into account the number of applications submitted in the previous year and estimated the average time of processing 80% of applications. The new forecasting will depend on the number of applications currently submitted for consideration and how quickly the Office deals with their processing.

The time of consideration begins on the date of receipt by the Office of a complete package of documents and ends with the moment the decision is issued. If the application has been submitted in a paper version (mailing or courier), the time is counted from the day it hits the office. If, however, the applicant decides to send the application electronically (through the immigration portal), he can count on faster delivery, because it is counted from the moment of electronic data transmission.

The new changes are aimed at improving the office’s operation and more efficient service for applicants wishing to settle permanently in Canada. Of course, the processing time is only approximate and applies to most standard applications.

Only applications prepared in a complete manner, containing all the necessary elements, documents and information, can count on consideration within the prescribed dates. Applications submitted in an incomplete form may encounter delays or, worse, the return of the entire document package.

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