Canadian Resume Template Free

Canadian Resume Template Free

You asked for a Canadian resume entry. Well, it is.

A complete basis or resume. That is called CV in some country.

Usually, we have max 30 seconds to convince readers of our resume. During this time, the decision is made: leave it in the trash. A good resume is a basis. It has to be concrete, legible, modest, without lies. Yes, it has to be our advertisement as a potential employee, but it’s a bit more extensive business card. Strongly professional.

Canadian Resume Template Free

We will leave a story about ourselves for an interview, soft skills will be useful. In resume, we are interested in (their) hard facts!

Such types of resume stand out:

Chronological: that is, you do what you have been doing since the beginning of time and the history of your work is solid and rich. You like and want to do it further.

Functional: that is, you worked a bit here, a little there, and there was still a year of a break for a trip around India. The continuity of work is disturbed, but you have a lot of other experiences that you will not miss praising. You like to do something and you want to show this employer.

Mixed: in my opinion, the best type, because you draw what you need from both of the above patterns and prepare for a specific position. The most labor-intensive, but also showing that you care. Because you care, right?

One of the first advice I heard here on the subject of looking for a job?

Michal? Michal?! It is not easy to pronounce, change yourself!

Oh yes. Sad truth. No photos are added to the Canadian resume, no information is included that can identify you as a man of a specific breed, mother, old man, etc. Well, but we usually leave the name in papers.

It turns out, however, that our own name, given to us proudly by parents, so this name may interfere with work in America found. And unfortunately, although no one will admit (threatens to be sued), our name often determines whether the Canadian (US) employer will call.

Research shows that the problem also occurs in companies that boast of diversity among employees (diversity). Even they are not free from racial prejudice, and people with foreign-sounding names/surnames are invited to talk 2 – 2.5 times less often than those with a homely name.

The problem concerns especially Asians, hence many of them change their names to more locally sounding ones.

Canadian Resume Template Free

immigrating to Canada

Canadian Resume Template Free

How to Looking for Job in Canada

The most important thing when you Looking for Job in Canada is to find the NOC (National Occupational Classification) number of our profession and learn from it whether our profession is regulated or unregulated. You need to pay attention to the province, because in one province a given profession can be regulated, and in the other, it is not. If it is regulated, a Canadian certificate/diploma is required for the profession.

On the jobbank page, we find job offers, but more importantly, we’ll also find out what jobs in the province are more popular. Whether a given occupation will be needed in the future, or if the demand for it will disappear. What is the minimum, average and maximum wages in a given profession and in a given province, and whether a given profession is regulated and what qualifications we need to perform a given profession.

Other pages worth looking for are:

• Kijiji

• Indeed

• Workopolis

Another important thing is the resume because this is how CV is called in Canada. Resume cannot contain:

( next post will be how Resume in Canada should exactly look like, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter)

• there can not be a date of birth

• there cannot be marital status and the number of children

• there can be no information about your confession

A very important topic is SOFT SKILLS, which are not important in other countries and through which we have problems getting a job in CA. We can have more experience and more skills than a person who has good soft skills and she will get a job, not us.

• We prepare Resume for a given employer. If we are applying for a lower position than our education, in the resume you can remove education and experience that does not fit the job. If we do not do this, we will be overeducated and our resume will land in the trash.

• Interview. The initial interview is very often done during a telephone conversation and it depends on it whether we will be “physically” invited to a job interview.

• ASAP – if this abbreviation is found in the job advertisement, it means that the employer is looking for someone “for yesterday”.

When such an abbreviation is not present, very often from submitting a resume to a telephone from a potential employer it can take 1-3 months, and employment after an interview usually in the region of 1-6 weeks.

Take the above information into account, making plans for the future, because it is very important when we come to the annual WP (which can not be extended), and for example, provincial program (PNP), for which we try to meet the requirement of 6-12 months of work in CA (eg MB has 6 months and ON has 12 months).
One could help “whitening” reality and start looking for a job while still in own country. Help us in this:

• Canadian address. Find through the internet motel/ hotel/guest house, where you can potentially stay for the first few days before you rent a room or flat and enter the address in the resume.

• Canadian telephone number. Here, we can help companies that provide VoIP services and which at the same time provide the opportunity to purchase the number. Canadian, e.g. Spikko

Thanks to this “whitening” of reality, we can look for work in the CA pretending that we are in CA. It is necessary to count on the fact that if we are invited to an interview, we do not have too much time to pack and go, airline tickets for this period can be even twice as expensive, and at normal prices are not the cheapest …

It should be remembered, especially for people with IT, that it is not Europe and work does not get from day to day (of course it happens, but usually it takes about 1-3 months). It is necessary to get to know as many people as possible, to talk as much as possible and to each newly met person that they are looking for a job. It should also be noted that in some cities, it is harder for a woman to find a full-time job, and in others quite the opposite.

Bearing in mind all of this above, it is necessary to prepare properly before the trip, so that we have fewer surprises, and it’s worth thinking about a permanent stay before you go and decide where you want to go.
You should also prepare your emergency plans, including returning to your country.

And do not burn bridges behind you. Because finding a job is not the easiest one, it would be good to have funds with you for a minimum of 6 months of life. In some cities, we will not have to worry about the car because public transport works very well. In others (such as Winnipeg) it may even be a condition of getting a job, because the nearest bus stop from the workplace will be 30 minutes on foot in summer (I pointed out that in the summer because in winter at -30 and in a large number of layers of clothes on and in the snow we will not be going so fast).


Looking for Job in Canada

Canada is looking for hands to work.

Canada is looking for hands to work.

In 2018, Canada intends to issue residence visas of 310,000 new residents, in 2019 – the limit will be increased to 330 thousand, and then in 2020 – to 340 thousand, which equals 1 percent. the population of the country. Advisors of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposed limits even higher than acceptable, reaching 450,000. people in 2021

Canada is looking for hands to work and The government in Ottawa has so far set one-year plans for immigration, for years it has been about 250,000. people a year. However, now, as was emphasized in the communication, after consultation with the provincial governments and business communities, it was decided to prepare a multi-annual plan to make it easier for institutions serving immigrants to prepare measures and a plan of action.

The government does not hide that the basis for the decision on increased immigration limits is primarily the economic and demographic situation. At a press conference on Wednesday in Toronto, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen spoke about an aging society. “Five million Canadians will retire by 2035 and we have fewer people in the labor market to support seniors and retirees,” said Hussen. The government assumes that immigrants will contribute to the economic development of the country. From the three-year limit of one million new immigrants, about 565 thousand. will come as part of programs for qualified employees from various industries. Approx. 265,000 people will also come as part of the family reunion, over 137 thousand. visas will be granted to refugees.

Hussen reminded that while in 1971 there were statistically 6.6 people per one retiree in the labor market, in 2012 this proportion was 1 to 4.2, and according to forecasts in 2036, it will be 1 to 2 Then, according to estimates 100 percent. Canadian population growth will come from immigration, today it is 75%.

According to statistics office Statistics Canada from last year’s census, over 7.5 million people, or 21.9 percent. residents of the country are people who were born outside of Canada. This is the highest percentage since 1921 when the census showed 22.3 percent. immigrants.

However, as Hussen said, the immigrant’s arrival in Canada is only “half the work”. “We need to be sure that people receive the tools needed to succeed when they come here” – noted the minister.

As one of the most important research centers, the Conference Board of Canada, notes, the average income of a Canadian-born Canadian is about 50,000. Canadian dollars per year, for a Canadian – an immigrant is 43 thousand. Canadian dollars a year. Income of immigrant workers decreased after 1991 when the countries of origin of immigrants changed. Since the early 1990s, more and more new Canadians have come from Asia and Africa, and “Canadian employers and labor market organizations have a problem with assessing foreign education and work experience.”

The Conference Board of Canada adds that for the successful integration of newcomers it is necessary to maintain a high standard of living of the “local population”. On the other hand, “Canada needs to identify how to improve the economic integration of newcomers”, e.g. by introducing programs supporting housing construction.

The Policy Options Institute, which was debating important social topics, indicated that Canada has so far managed to avoid the negative effects of immigration, such as declining social trust resulting from lack of communication. However, as was pointed out, immigration is not a solution to demographic problems such as the aging of society.

The opposition also draws attention to the necessity of integration. Michelle Rempel, who in the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) deals with immigration, said that the immigration system should deal with, among others, help in achieving sufficient knowledge of the language.

Immigrants have access to free English and French lessons, but every Canadian has a history of inability to communicate with a telecommunications technician (who often comes from Asia), a builder (often Poles), or language problems in dealing with the bank’s hotline.

Problems with a good command of the official languages of Canada are becoming a problem for some industries. Jeff, a copywriter working at one of the Toronto advertising agencies, explained to PAP why Canadian ads are not very witty: “the recipient often does not know enough English, so that the advertisement goes to him, I can not use the sophisticated language”.

Whether someone qualifies for one of several dozen immigration programs can be checked initially on the pages of the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship.

Canada is looking for hands to work.

Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer

Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer

What to do when we receive a call for Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer or security services without having a valid visa?

An official letter may be sent to immigrants in various situations, e.g. someone has been reported by someone who is in Canada without a documented status. Someone received a court order in Canada and the Immigration Police received information about the verdict and the lack of legal status in Canada. An immigrant reported a request for political asylum in Canada and received a negative decision. Someone had an order to appear at the airport, getting a tourist visa after the stay in Canada, and he did not show up.

These are just a few examples of why the office calls for an interview. Of course, you need to read the letter carefully, in which the reasons for summoning the office can be given.

The summons cannot be underestimated, because the lack of response from the called person may end, and often this is the case, the arrest warrant. On the other hand, the appearance of the summons shows that the called person cooperates with the immigration authorities and this is beneficial.

At the meeting, if someone voluntarily puts in, an arrest warrant is not being executed, immigrants are not stopped. Of course, there may be different situations, so before meeting with an official it is worth to consult what may happen in a given situation and also what the reason for the call is. If someone has a complex immigration case, for example, humanitarian, you can negotiate with the office, for example, to dismiss the deportation procedure until you receive a residence permit. If it is positive, deportation will not be obvious.

It should also be remembered that you can appeal against decisions and deportation orders. The immigration office does not deport anyone right away. I know that this is how people without an important status imagine it, but before the office can execute deportation, you can, for example, apply the Pre Removal Risk Assessment. It takes several months to process your application and you can still apply to work in Canada.

Thus, there are various legal options to stop the deportation process, or even to dismiss such a process in time.

Hiding and not calling for an official call is not always the best solution. As I wrote, of course, there are different situations, but most calls, even to the CBSA immigration police office, are not equivalent to deportation or arrest of an undocumented person.


Canada - Interview with an Immigration Officer

Canadian Visa For Permanent Residence

Canadian Visa For Permanent Residence


Canada is one of the nicest countries to live in, the government takes care of its citizens and it is actually felt in everyday life. Emigration to Canada is a time-consuming and difficult task, but this possibility does exist. Before you decide to emigrate, you have to consider many aspects, first of all, which emigration programs you choose. Depending on your options, you should choose a route that will give you the best chance of staying permanently in Canada.

Programs under which you can get Canadian Visa For Permanent Residence:

Skilled workers and professionals

It’s the most-chosen program to settle in Canada in all states and provinces except Quebec. Candidates can get a visa based on their professional skills, but they must meet certain criteria, which will be considered in three steps:

1. In order for your app to be considered positively, you must meet one of the following three conditions:

– Receive a permanent job offer in Canada, or
– You are legally resident in Canada as a temporary employee or student for a year, or
– You are a qualified employee with at least one year of experience in the job desired by the Canadian government

2. If you meet one of the above conditions, you must also meet all of the following criteria:

– Work continuously for a minimum of one year, full time or part time for an equivalent period of time, and
– Your professional qualifications must meet certain conditions, according to the criteria set by the Canadian government. See more at, and
– This professional experience has been gained over the last 10 years.

3. If you meet the minimum application criteria listed in points 1 and 2 above, then a representative of the Canadian government will consider your application on the basis of the following 6 selection factors:

– Educational preparation,
– Ability to speak English and/or French (2 official languages of Canada),
– Experience,
– Age,
– Have you received a permanent job offer in Canada,
– Your adaptive skills to live in new conditions.

Canadian Experience Class

It is a program designed for people who have completed a specific type of post-secondary education (College, Universities) and have at least one-year full-time work in Canada or did not graduate from a relevant university, but have at least 2 years of work experience in Canada.

If you meet the above conditions, you feel at ease in the Canadian environment, speak fluent in one of Canada’s official languages and are able to convince a visa officer that your presence in the country may have a positive impact on the Canadian economy – this program will be the best for you way to permanent residence.

The application for a visa must be submitted while working in Canada or up to one year after its completion.
This program does not apply to the province of Quebec, which has separate immigration laws.

Business Immigration Program

is a program aimed at attracting entrepreneurs from abroad to Canada, who will support the development of the Canadian economy through their activities throughout the country. To participate in this program, you need to invest $ 400,000 CAD or set up your own company in Canada, which will generate profits for the country.

Provincial Nominees

This program is open to people directly nominated by the authorities of any of the territories or provinces of Canada as a suitably qualified person who can contribute with their work to the development of the economy of a given territory or province. Criteria for obtaining a visa of this type vary depending on the planned place of residence because in this case, each state has its own rules.

Family Class

If someone from your immediate family or partner has a permanent residence in Canada, the easiest solution to settle in Canada will be to obtain a visa in this category. you can use the tennis, squash and paddle courts.

If you thinking about immigration to Canada you can contact our office and talk with the expert for possibilities.

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Canadian Visa For Permanent Residence

immigrating to canada

New Canada Immigration Law 2018

New Canada Immigration Law 2018

According to the new immigration plan announced in the Canadian parliament by Minister Ahmed Hussen, the number of immigrants who will find a new home every year in the “fragrant resin country” will be increased from 260,000. up to 300,000 The main criterion for issuing permits is the education and talents of the candidates, and thus also the language skills. Only after settling new Canadians have the right to bring their loved ones home.

The fact that this is not a charity can be seen by entering the ministry. New Canada Immigration Law 2018 is immediately evident that Canadians seek skilled workers, business people, but also athletes or farmers. What’s more, the candidate for a new citizen will increase his chances if he decides to live in the province. Special rights are granted to businessmen from the EU, but also to refugees.

Of course, you can fight for a better life through the ministry by providing information about yourself and setting expectations, but there are also companies on the Internet that facilitate this process. “Start the immigration process today, it’s time to start thinking about a better future for you and your family” – the slogan says on the website of one of them. Just fill out the questionnaire, enter your details, express interest. On the other hand, specialists are waiting, who will gladly catch a potential immigrant who has something to offer Canada.


The opening of borders is also controversial. Opponents of the new immigration policy believe that the plans of Minister Hussen are dangerous for the country. There are even words of betrayal. “My ancestors fought and died under this flag in defense of Canada to protect it for their descendants” – wrote on Twitter the supporter of the Canadian right.

Experts emphasize that the development of Canada’s economy requires an increase in the number of newcomers. The reason is the aging population of the country. Now every fifth of nearly 37 million. Canadian citizens were born abroad. The example of a dream about a new life in Canada is Minister Hussen himself, who at the age of 16 came from the war-torn family home of Somalia and asked for asylum. He had only a bag of clothes with him. Hussen enrolled in high school, he learned to cook and he got his first job.

Immigrant completed law studies and became an attorney. He became involved in the Liberal Party of Canada. He is the first parliamentarians from Somalia, and in January of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau entrusted him with the portfolio of immigration minister considered one of the most important and most sensitive functions in government.

Minister Hussen is forced to balance the traditional open-door policy with security requirements, and at the same time cooperate with the administration of US President Donald Trump, who is trying to close the country’s borders for newcomers. The restrictive policy of Washington has caused many illegal immigrants to flee from the US, which is a serious challenge for the Canadian immigration system.


New Canada Immigration Law 2018