Canadian Resume Template Free

Canadian Resume Template Free

You asked for a Canadian resume entry. Well, it is.

A complete basis or resume. That is called CV in some country.

Usually, we have max 30 seconds to convince readers of our resume. During this time, the decision is made: leave it in the trash. A good resume is a basis. It has to be concrete, legible, modest, without lies. Yes, it has to be our advertisement as a potential employee, but it’s a bit more extensive business card. Strongly professional.

Canadian Resume Template Free

We will leave a story about ourselves for an interview, soft skills will be useful. In resume, we are interested in (their) hard facts!

Such types of resume stand out:

Chronological: that is, you do what you have been doing since the beginning of time and the history of your work is solid and rich. You like and want to do it further.

Functional: that is, you worked a bit here, a little there, and there was still a year of a break for a trip around India. The continuity of work is disturbed, but you have a lot of other experiences that you will not miss praising. You like to do something and you want to show this employer.

Mixed: in my opinion, the best type, because you draw what you need from both of the above patterns and prepare for a specific position. The most labor-intensive, but also showing that you care. Because you care, right?

One of the first advice I heard here on the subject of looking for a job?

Michal? Michal?! It is not easy to pronounce, change yourself!

Oh yes. Sad truth. No photos are added to the Canadian resume, no information is included that can identify you as a man of a specific breed, mother, old man, etc. Well, but we usually leave the name in papers.

It turns out, however, that our own name, given to us proudly by parents, so this name may interfere with work in America found. And unfortunately, although no one will admit (threatens to be sued), our name often determines whether the Canadian (US) employer will call.

Research shows that the problem also occurs in companies that boast of diversity among employees (diversity). Even they are not free from racial prejudice, and people with foreign-sounding names/surnames are invited to talk 2 – 2.5 times less often than those with a homely name.

The problem concerns especially Asians, hence many of them change their names to more locally sounding ones.

Canadian Resume Template Free

immigrating to Canada

Canadian Resume Template Free

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