How to Looking for Job in Canada

The most important thing when you Looking for Job in Canada is to find the NOC (National Occupational Classification) number of our profession and learn from it whether our profession is regulated or unregulated. You need to pay attention to the province, because in one province a given profession can be regulated, and in the other, it is not. If it is regulated, a Canadian certificate/diploma is required for the profession.

On the jobbank page, we find job offers, but more importantly, we’ll also find out what jobs in the province are more popular. Whether a given occupation will be needed in the future, or if the demand for it will disappear. What is the minimum, average and maximum wages in a given profession and in a given province, and whether a given profession is regulated and what qualifications we need to perform a given profession.

Other pages worth looking for are:

• Kijiji

• Indeed

• Workopolis

Another important thing is the resume because this is how CV is called in Canada. Resume cannot contain:

( next post will be how Resume in Canada should exactly look like, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter)

• there can not be a date of birth

• there cannot be marital status and the number of children

• there can be no information about your confession

A very important topic is SOFT SKILLS, which are not important in other countries and through which we have problems getting a job in CA. We can have more experience and more skills than a person who has good soft skills and she will get a job, not us.

• We prepare Resume for a given employer. If we are applying for a lower position than our education, in the resume you can remove education and experience that does not fit the job. If we do not do this, we will be overeducated and our resume will land in the trash.

• Interview. The initial interview is very often done during a telephone conversation and it depends on it whether we will be “physically” invited to a job interview.

• ASAP – if this abbreviation is found in the job advertisement, it means that the employer is looking for someone “for yesterday”.

When such an abbreviation is not present, very often from submitting a resume to a telephone from a potential employer it can take 1-3 months, and employment after an interview usually in the region of 1-6 weeks.

Take the above information into account, making plans for the future, because it is very important when we come to the annual WP (which can not be extended), and for example, provincial program (PNP), for which we try to meet the requirement of 6-12 months of work in CA (eg MB has 6 months and ON has 12 months).
One could help “whitening” reality and start looking for a job while still in own country. Help us in this:

• Canadian address. Find through the internet motel/ hotel/guest house, where you can potentially stay for the first few days before you rent a room or flat and enter the address in the resume.

• Canadian telephone number. Here, we can help companies that provide VoIP services and which at the same time provide the opportunity to purchase the number. Canadian, e.g. Spikko

Thanks to this “whitening” of reality, we can look for work in the CA pretending that we are in CA. It is necessary to count on the fact that if we are invited to an interview, we do not have too much time to pack and go, airline tickets for this period can be even twice as expensive, and at normal prices are not the cheapest …

It should be remembered, especially for people with IT, that it is not Europe and work does not get from day to day (of course it happens, but usually it takes about 1-3 months). It is necessary to get to know as many people as possible, to talk as much as possible and to each newly met person that they are looking for a job. It should also be noted that in some cities, it is harder for a woman to find a full-time job, and in others quite the opposite.

Bearing in mind all of this above, it is necessary to prepare properly before the trip, so that we have fewer surprises, and it’s worth thinking about a permanent stay before you go and decide where you want to go.
You should also prepare your emergency plans, including returning to your country.

And do not burn bridges behind you. Because finding a job is not the easiest one, it would be good to have funds with you for a minimum of 6 months of life. In some cities, we will not have to worry about the car because public transport works very well. In others (such as Winnipeg) it may even be a condition of getting a job, because the nearest bus stop from the workplace will be 30 minutes on foot in summer (I pointed out that in the summer because in winter at -30 and in a large number of layers of clothes on and in the snow we will not be going so fast).


Looking for Job in Canada

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