Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer

Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer

What to do when we receive a call for Canada – Interview with an Immigration Officer or security services without having a valid visa?

An official letter may be sent to immigrants in various situations, e.g. someone has been reported by someone who is in Canada without a documented status. Someone received a court order in Canada and the Immigration Police received information about the verdict and the lack of legal status in Canada. An immigrant reported a request for political asylum in Canada and received a negative decision. Someone had an order to appear at the airport, getting a tourist visa after the stay in Canada, and he did not show up.

These are just a few examples of why the office calls for an interview. Of course, you need to read the letter carefully, in which the reasons for summoning the office can be given.

The summons cannot be underestimated, because the lack of response from the called person may end, and often this is the case, the arrest warrant. On the other hand, the appearance of the summons shows that the called person cooperates with the immigration authorities and this is beneficial.

At the meeting, if someone voluntarily puts in, an arrest warrant is not being executed, immigrants are not stopped. Of course, there may be different situations, so before meeting with an official it is worth to consult what may happen in a given situation and also what the reason for the call is. If someone has a complex immigration case, for example, humanitarian, you can negotiate with the office, for example, to dismiss the deportation procedure until you receive a residence permit. If it is positive, deportation will not be obvious.

It should also be remembered that you can appeal against decisions and deportation orders. The immigration office does not deport anyone right away. I know that this is how people without an important status imagine it, but before the office can execute deportation, you can, for example, apply the Pre Removal Risk Assessment. It takes several months to process your application and you can still apply to work in Canada.

Thus, there are various legal options to stop the deportation process, or even to dismiss such a process in time.

Hiding and not calling for an official call is not always the best solution. As I wrote, of course, there are different situations, but most calls, even to the CBSA immigration police office, are not equivalent to deportation or arrest of an undocumented person.


Canada - Interview with an Immigration Officer

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