New Canada Immigration Law 2018

New Canada Immigration Law 2018

According to the new immigration plan announced in the Canadian parliament by Minister Ahmed Hussen, the number of immigrants who will find a new home every year in the “fragrant resin country” will be increased from 260,000. up to 300,000 The main criterion for issuing permits is the education and talents of the candidates, and thus also the language skills. Only after settling new Canadians have the right to bring their loved ones home.

The fact that this is not a charity can be seen by entering the ministry. New Canada Immigration Law 2018 is immediately evident that Canadians seek skilled workers, business people, but also athletes or farmers. What’s more, the candidate for a new citizen will increase his chances if he decides to live in the province. Special rights are granted to businessmen from the EU, but also to refugees.

Of course, you can fight for a better life through the ministry by providing information about yourself and setting expectations, but there are also companies on the Internet that facilitate this process. “Start the immigration process today, it’s time to start thinking about a better future for you and your family” – the slogan says on the website of one of them. Just fill out the questionnaire, enter your details, express interest. On the other hand, specialists are waiting, who will gladly catch a potential immigrant who has something to offer Canada.


The opening of borders is also controversial. Opponents of the new immigration policy believe that the plans of Minister Hussen are dangerous for the country. There are even words of betrayal. “My ancestors fought and died under this flag in defense of Canada to protect it for their descendants” – wrote on Twitter the supporter of the Canadian right.

Experts emphasize that the development of Canada’s economy requires an increase in the number of newcomers. The reason is the aging population of the country. Now every fifth of nearly 37 million. Canadian citizens were born abroad. The example of a dream about a new life in Canada is Minister Hussen himself, who at the age of 16 came from the war-torn family home of Somalia and asked for asylum. He had only a bag of clothes with him. Hussen enrolled in high school, he learned to cook and he got his first job.

Immigrant completed law studies and became an attorney. He became involved in the Liberal Party of Canada. He is the first parliamentarians from Somalia, and in January of this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau entrusted him with the portfolio of immigration minister considered one of the most important and most sensitive functions in government.

Minister Hussen is forced to balance the traditional open-door policy with security requirements, and at the same time cooperate with the administration of US President Donald Trump, who is trying to close the country’s borders for newcomers. The restrictive policy of Washington has caused many illegal immigrants to flee from the US, which is a serious challenge for the Canadian immigration system.


New Canada Immigration Law 2018

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