The Most Wanted Proffesions In Canada 2018

The Most Wanted Professions In Canada 2018

Randstad Canada, in cooperation with business analysts at CEB / Gartner, conducts a survey every year, in which it collects and develops a range of information on existing job offers, internships and apprenticeships and other relevant data related to various Canadian markets.

This year’s survey, as the most sought-after competition in Canada, showed those related mainly to the information technology industry. The top ten included such competitions as business analysts (fifth place), IT project managers (seventh place) and software engineers (ninth place). You can find the full list of professions at the end of this article.

The study clearly indicates the information technology sector as the fastest growing in Canada, which shows the largest increase in the number of jobs, internships, and apprenticeships offered. More and more Canadian employers are looking for developers and analysts related to the industry.

The development of the study results was announced during the Canadian Prime Minister’s visit, Justin Trudeau in San Francisco, where Canada was identified as the main target workplace for American technology companies.
Going deep into the details of the information technology sector, this study showed that project managers, software engineers, Java developers, web developers and program analysts are the most-desired competitions. The Canadian IT sector currently employs more than 488,000 professionals in the industry and during the last 2017 11,500 new jobs have been added (almost half of this number – 5,000 jobs in Toronto and another 2,000 in Montreal).

The increased demand for specialists in the technology industry has led the federal government and most provincial governments to introduce special immigration programs specifically targeted at this professional group. The federal government has introduced an additional global talent program (Global Talent Stream) last year to speed up the processing of applications for work permits for highly qualified specialists in the technology industry.

For example, at a provincial level, British Columbia conducts a weekly random selection of candidates with a job offer in the technology sector by a special pilot program, and Ontario searches for these candidates through a special branch of its provincial “Human Capital Stream” in the Express Entry system.

It is worth mentioning that the technology sector is also the most sought after and desired in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Although the IT sector has significantly dominated the top ten most-wanted professions, the first place belongs to a different industry – namely, general laborers.

The complete list of 10 professions with the highest demand is as follows:

• Construction workers
• Sales representatives
• Accountant
• Managers of engineering projects
• Business analysts
• Customer service employees
• IT project managers
• Account managers
• Software engineers
• Forklift operators

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