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A new change in draws in the Canada Express Entry Profile – a tie-break procedure


As you know, a significant proportion of candidates for permanent residents come from economic programs entering the system known as Canada Express Entry Profile. Persons interested in economic emigration and obtaining a permanent residence assume a profile for which they are awarded points (including age, work experience, education, language skills and a number of other factors). After awarding points, their profile goes to the general pool of candidates where they wait to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

These invitations are sent cyclically (on average every two weeks), and the point result depends on the respective minister’s instructions.
The Immigration Office used in the last two draws a new tie-break procedure, which was first announced in June this year.
The new procedure assesses the candidates not only on the basis of the points earned but also when the profile originally hit the pool. The new method Canada Express Entry Profile gives priority to people with the same result who have their profile longer in the system.

In the case of the draw of November 15, the Immigration Office issued 2,750 invitations to candidates who had at least 439 points. Because the new draw procedure was used, only those candidates who had 439 points and the profile established before October 19, 2017, and 12:02:28 were invited.
The important thing is, however, that the award system (CRS) is still a priority for immigration. The main purpose of the new procedure for Canada Express Entry Profile is to break the tie is to facilitate and better manage draw rounds.

The Immigration Office wants to increase the chances of people who have the same number of points, but their profiles remain longer in the pot. What is important, so-called “Virtual stamp date” when the profile originally hit the pot. It is important that the subsequent modification of the profile (eg the introduction of new language results or the received positive LMIA decision) does not change the date of the stamp.

For example, if the candidate sent his profile on April 1, 2017 at 08:33:13, then a month later, on May 1, 2017 at 12.22: 22 he modified his profile by introducing new language test results, “virtual stamp date “Remains unchanged, that is April 1, 2017, at 08:33:13.

However, if the candidate decided to completely withdraw his profile from the pool and create a new profile, the date of the stamp is not transferred. Creating a new profile will generate a new virtual stamp date and may result in a delay in receiving the invitation

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